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Mars web solution Website Designing Services


The website that sells more products and services always boost business growth. A user-friendly and attractive website generates more traffic, more leads, more conversions, and hence the higher revenues.

Mars web solution is emerging because the best Web Design Company in Bangalore that gives various web design options to expand business across the world and build a long-lasting impact on the audience.

Why Choose Mars web solution for Website Designing?

At Mars web solution we treat each client unique to supply customized layout and styles for the web site . Our team of website designers provides creative and innovative website designs to form your website look unique among your competitors. Our team has expertise in designing the web site having program friendly navigation, perfect design interface, overall consistency, browser compatibility, and quick downloading.

Make more conversions through Mars web solution fascinating Web Designs and Web Development Services

Mars web solution Website Designing Services Being one among the most effective web design companies in India Mars web solution is committed to delivering quality services to assist our clients in flourishing their business. We do rigorous study and brainstorming to offer something unique and innovative design solutions to every of our clients. Ultimately an honest website will generate more sell and revenues for business therefore we follow three crucial steps given below for website designing.

Design Strategy

We begin our process after doing in-depth research and analysis to search out out the targeted audience, conversion paths, information display, and platform opportunities to formulate an efficient website designing strategy to make an excellent website For our clients.

Design Planning

Our website designers, developers, and content strategists work together and take a collective decision on planning

information architecture of the web site . They strategically plan and define the knowledge to be displayed on the location to Optimize website functionalities.


Design Creation

Website designing involves highly creative inputs to collect a maximum audience to achieve business goals  and specific objectives. For this mock-up iteration plays a very important role to see the effectiveness of the planning infulfilling all the specified objectives.

Website designing services

Dynamic Website Designing

Dynamic website design is suitable for companies selling their products across the world and collecting payment in multiple currencies. The dynamic website gives a platform to work a digital shop with a display of a good product range.

The team of website design experts at Mars web solution confirm that our clients stay ahead in their business by providing outstanding design, layout, templates, user-friendly integration, colourful display of the content, and unique functional features to form a website highly compatible.

Responsive Website Design services

Make your website accessible by mobile devices, tablets, iPhones through Mars web solution responsive website design services. This technology makes the web site convenient for any screen size which is why this way of designing is high in demand nowadays.

Static Website Designing

Static website designing is suitable for little enterprises having a limited budget. In this, we offer a uniform layout throughout the location in order that the web site are often managed easily and becomes cost-effective. We create an appealing layout and styles to draw in more traffic for a static website.

Ecommerce Website Designing

Ecommerce website designing is suitable for doing online business. The eCommerce website is typically having an outsized number of webpages and thus our team of website designers begins their work after understanding the eCommerce goals and business size of our clients. At Mars web solution we use advanced technology to make a web store to sell products during a highly competitive market and help our clients in their business growth.

Custom Website Designing

Every businessman looks for higher ROI while giving online presence to their business. At Mars web solution we understand this need of business and style the foremost compatible website with unique functionality to require care of business goals. Our team of website designers creates an internet site to get maximum traffic by adding features like customer care chat, informatic content, easy contact option through form submission or call option, user-friendly integration of website, easily accessible website, and various other functions.

Mars web solution is also one of the best Ecommerce Development Company in Bangalore, they provide all ecommerce and digital marketing services.


Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Choosing Out Of the Many Website Development Trends

Trends is one thing that's constant in every subject, let it's fashion, studies in today’s article about web development. The trends involved in web development changes to a way greater stage every single year. Within the case of decision-makers, it gets vital and familiar for people for two specific reasons, that's one to sustain ever-rising competition and two, to sharpen the knowledge.

These web development trends bring changes in your website that not only attract your customers, but also help in having an increase with the conversion rate. Today you’ll get to understand more about the emerging trends of web development.

Mars Web Solution is one of the best Web Development Company in Bangalore.

Website Development Trends to draw in your audience towards your website and also set a good impression of your business, it's vital to get in touch with the correct development company. “The first impression is that the last impression”, a really known phase, that's true. Your audience goes to check whether or not your website is appealing which it interests them to remain or maybe to return back. as long as your website looks appealing or outdated, only then are your audience getting to leave a negative impression of your business on them.

Also confine mind how the services provided by these companies help in web design elements and also help in terms of practice that influence and teach you ways to publish content on your website. Keeping in mind the needful, you'll understand the necessity of web development trends and the way it helps in getting you profit-driven projects.

These trends have already been put into practice by the topmost web development company and have all been positive remarks in terms of conversion and also in traffic. These trends not only attract customers towards the web site , but even have them come with other visitors. allow us to now check out the various trends in web development, that we'll be discussing today.

– Accelerated Mobile Pages

When it involves speed, you would like the most effective of it. Whether it's your internet or maybe your order from McDonald. Any delay together with your desires causes tons of anger and you only want to go away the spot and fetch for an additional place that gives you with greater speed. Speeding up your sites is one among the keys that helps in delivering a way better experience in terms of user experience and also in achieving a better mobile ranking. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source framework that helps in enabling developers to make a way faster mobile page of the company.


– Voice Search Optimization

Do you even remember the way Siri came into existence and have become trendy, back when the technology was introduced within the year 2011? The technology was an innovation towards a brand new beginning for voice search. Not tons of the users predicted that an equivalent technology would be trendy towards the near future. But, ever since then, voice search has changed drastically and has also performed its impact on the online and there's still tons more to return into existence. Making less use of their hands, and greater use of their voice to get in their information. Web design and development services have close using this trend to succeed in out to their customers.

– Progressive sites

One of the foremost impact trends in web development that pushes the planet wide web way ahead in terms of creating browsing much easier for us to experience things closer to native mobile applications and friendly for users. the utilization of progressive web apps brings in emerging features that are all expected only from native apps for mobile browser experience that helps within the use of standards-based technologies and run a way secure container that's accessible to everyone on the online .

– API- First Development

API involves developing APIs that are consistent and are reusable. It are often accomplished by using an API description language that helps in establishing a contract. Establishing a contract involves sending longer thinking about the planning of an API. once we mention API development cycle the method looks tons more just like the process shown below:

The process first starts with the R & D team creating a design, following this the back-end developers work on a prototype and as soon because the prototype is prepared a QA and front-end developers get their access thereto . In terms of a bug, new feature or any kind of improvement this cycle are going to be repeated again.

eCommerce Development Company in Bangalore – Motion UI

A library that's an ideal solution that's far more engaging and attractive to realize the eye of users with beautiful animations. The library is capable of animating design elements with perfection and is far more flexible enough with the help of any JavaScript framework which makes it an excellent option for several other cases.


Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Why & How to Choose a Web Designing Company

The expansion of web designing company has changed the scenario. Now there's no ought to take headache for website design and development. Choose a design company, instead of doing the work yourself. My discussion will revolve around the way to choose and why choose a web designing company. I will be able to tell you ways an online design directory can help you during this matter.

Mars web solution is one of the best Ecommerce Development Company in Bangalore.

 Today genuine information is a smaller amount available. And it's true that we've less time also. So we want the help of a directory to urge things fast.

However, first allow us to venture the explanation 'why' to settle on a web designing company. This may help us to know why numerous companies are within the market to help us design and develop a website:

Accessing requirements isn't easy. You'll be having some ideas in mind. Except for planning and structuring the project, you would like experts; otherwise short fall of resources and increase of investment is inevitable.

It is tough to collect experts fast to satisfy requirements. It's difficult for you to collect expert and experienced designers fast for complex and latest technological implementations.

Time does matter. You hire people for in-house development and it's going to turn difficult for you to know the time consumption. Designers and developers may exploit your little inefficiency.

In-depth research on market trends is must. If you hire a Web Design Company in Bangalore it'll certainly assist you to style and develop a site with an eye fixed on visitors' trends and taste. They need experience in marketing research .

Project cost does matter. Any web designing company provides package. Today within the market affordable design and development packages are available.

The above were the first factors for avoiding independent project development instead of offering a project to an internet designing company. Now allow us to find the ways:

Decide your maximum budget first. Hunt for a web design company now online. You'll believe directories to urge your suitable company.

Set your mind if you're getting to outsource the project to an offshore company or not. Lately offshore companies do provide great solution at great price.

Do a touch research to understand the advantages of open source designing. you'll search a web directory where you'll get details about companies performing on open source and that they will show you the advantages also.

Before choosing any company see the portfolio. Viewing the portfolio you'll figure out the flexibility of a corporation . You'll take the help of directories as there you get precise and clear idea and portfolio links of maximum companies at a time.

Choose a corporation which will provide you experienced and expert people. Without experts your goal of achieving the most effective website that appears fine and works properly, can't be possible.

Read and judge the customer satisfaction about the work of a corporation through testimonial. you've got to understand how a corporation works and keeps relation with the customers. In directories you'll get customer reviews about this matter.

Before offering any project it's necessary to guage the existence and legal matters of an internet designing company. Thousands of companies rise and vanish, take care . a well-liked directory always lists genuine companies.

These were the first factors to settle on a web designing company and the way can an internet directory be helpful to you. I already told you, why you've got to settle on or offer your project to a corporation instead of doing it yourself. If you follow the above points, I hope, you'll easily choose a web designing company for your project. Remember, you've got to save lots of the time and money, yet need to get the simplest website for your company and for that an internet directory is that the best.


Monday, 13 July 2020

E Commerce Web Designers For Professional E Commerce Website Design

E Commerce is the activity of engaging in business online... As many of us now shop online, ECommerce has become a principal economic activity in many parts of the globe. To keep with this trend, ECommerce websites have taken the lead within the online world presently. The design of ECommerce websites takes care of the unique development needs of the ECommerce websites.

Mars Web solution is one of the best Ecommerce Development Company in Johannesburg. They provide the best Ecomemrce services.

ECommerce websites are specially designed to encourage visitors to shop for products and stay longer on the location in order that they will spend more. It includes a business-related look and feel, reflects the business' vision and philosophy, has an organized layout and professional design, includes proper navigation, carries lucid and market-friendly content and has a customer-friendly interface, as well as an easy checkout and uncomplicated shopping cart. These sites are integrated with knowledgeable gateway to make sure smooth and hassle free online payment.

Designing an ECommerce site is a particularly professional task. ECommerce sites are not planned and operated by lay designers. It requires very professional and talented ECommerce website designers to style an ECommerce website which will eventually become a hit .


So, if you want, you would like to start out a replacement ECommerce project or would like to upgrade your existing eCommerce website, then you must hire a competent eCommerce website designer. Thus, you'll rest assured that your eCommerce project is within the safe hands of knowledgeable .

Any professional designer of eCommerce sites will have many successful projects to his credit. The designer should normally have sufficient exposure to all or any elements of eCommerce website designing. The web site designer may go independently or maybe as a part of a team that's specifically into designing professional eCommerce stores. The result that you simply should expect either ways may be a successful website that has the power to draw prospective customers and deliver significant conversions.


Any eCommerce site designer should have the talent and therefore the professionalism to require his or her job seriously. Most clients usually expect designers to require up the whole responsibility of designing the web site from start to end. The main purpose of the designer should be to develop an eCommerce site that provides the necessary ROI and becomes a successful enterprise.

The designer or the designing team should be ready to lead the web site from conceptualization to the final integration of the web site with the payment gateway. Moreover, the buying experience for the customers should be a smooth affair right from landing on the location and selecting the products to proceeding to the checkout for payment. In effect, customers should be ready to choose a product of their choice effortlessly and there should be minimal handcart abandonment.

Customers should select an eCommerce designer who understands the tasks of building an eCommerce store well. What's essential for the designer may be a complete set of well-developed skills that comes along side a radical aptitude for design. Alongside, the designer should be conversant with market trends in order that the shop are often designed in line with the preferences and therefore the professional standards that the audience expects.

To summarize, with the proper eCommerce site designers in hand, you'll surely be ready to develop or enhance your eCommerce business to reap the rich rewards on the web .

Mars web Solution is also one of the best Web Design Company in Johannesburg.



Friday, 10 July 2020

How To Choose A Good Ecommerce Website Development Company

The trend of creating the ecommerce sites has become viral recently, which has further enhanced the competitions and therefore the need to beat the competitions has naturally step forward. To facilitate the business companies who have their found out on the web platform, there are web development organizations available.

However choosing such a service provider at random will leave you nowhere. It's impossible for you to boost your own site all by yourself, when there are a lot of things to specialize in. This is often where choosing a good ecommerce site development service provider is required. While within the act of selecting , you want to remember that your final selection must fulfill the discussed criteria.

Mars Web Solution is also one of the best Web Development Company in Johannesburg. The provide all Ecommerce web design and Development services.

The ROI Factor

The ROI factor or the return on investment is important in every field, then it's within the concerned matter. a web development company is also expensive but is in a position to supply the most effective ecommerce solutions. If you'll select the corporate without fear about the investments, things can end up to be in your favor shortly and to an excellent extent. On the opposite hand, a service provider with lower cost rates but poorer results can leave you within the losing side. And who wants to lose when there's already an option to win?

Having a powerful and Composed Team

Web designing may be a matter of tons of subjects, and not just one or two. There are the likes of SEO boosting, proper marketing, providing facilities to the purchasers , then on for your business site. Not one or two professionals can handle everything during this case. make sure that your appointed website development company has a robust and composed team. this is often possibly to be possible when the respective company is sort of experienced within the field. Following the reviews closely and completing the interactions with the service provider can convince be beneficial during this regard.

Taking the Workload but Under your Nose

When you are investing on the ecommerce website development company, you want to be looking to have the convenience that the experts will take care of everything. At an equivalent time, you'd most never look to offer away the saddle to them. Thus, your service provider are going to be responsible enough to not just take the workload, but also to allow you to follow their works. This aspect has two benefits, the fist being that you simply are ready to keep yourself well updated regarding the progress of your site. And secondly, you get to understand tons about web designing. Therefore, your service provider should have the power to take care of both these criteria simultaneously.


On a concluding note, choosing a qualitative ecommerce development company isn't very tough. browsing the corporate portfolio and talking with the experts employed by the corporate can offer you enough insights to allow you to know whether to progress with them or not. And with following recommendations of the specialists, you'll have the simplest service provider that your business site needs.

The Author of this text is related to Mars Web Solution, an expert Ecommerce Development Company in Johannesburg, provides creative, effective and affordable Ecommerce Website Design and Development services to your corporate and individuals businesses.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Looking For Web Designer In Johannesburg?

Finding the right web design company to require care of your online presence are often a daunting task, the designer must understand your goals and be ready to not only meet them, but also guide you towards creating a successful website which will impress every visitor.

Think about it, your website is usually the first place a possible client will check out before contacting you, now believe having a web site that's a large number and outdated or worst, no website in the least .

We at Mars Web Designs can solve all of your web requirements, from simple 1 page websites to complex e-commerce stores, we've designed all of them . and that we are probably the most cost effective (Professional) Web Design Company in Johannesburg.

What we provide

Mars Web Designs may be a full service website development agency in Johannesburg, specializing in website design and related services. Whether you've got a longtime business, or perhaps you're just starting out on the web , Mars Web Designs experienced team of web designers and internet marketing experts will assist you expand upon your client base and help bring your business the eye it deserves.

We based in Johannesburg South, But work with clients throughout South Africa



Tell us what you would like to develop and we'll make sure that it's finished you. From fancy animations to interesting engagement platforms, or simply a website that needs a signup. In our eyes, it's all possible.


Websites are an efficient marketing tool, when built right. Your potential customers or clients should easily find your website, understand the product you're offering and be compelled to contact you.


Build a platform that enables your company to interact, increases productivity or rewards them for tasks completed. Our extensive development experience allows for love or money .

Modern web technology is incredibly powerful, and offers the power to make complex systems that allow employee interactions, communications, rewards and tracking in an easy-to-use way.


Every website we build comes with our hand-code CMS system. meaning it is easy to use, doesn't accompany 1,000,000 extras that make no sense and allows for fast and effective websites.


Every website we design is hand-coded. meaning no templates, no cookie-cutter, run of the mill websites for you.

UX design is that the start line of an excellent website - we start by understanding what you would like to realize and the way best to interact the users. this system dictates the designs we build, and ensures that you simply get a site that really reaches the proper people and creates business.

Mars Web Solution is also one of the best Ecommerce Development in Johannesburg.

Reasons Why You Need a Web Design Company

In every household, the internet plays a very huge part. It’s where all reliable information is also found. Then a lot of individuals are using this media for almost anything that they need. They use it as a sort of communication, for shopping, for his or her job hunt, for food recipes, for serious business transactions, and a lot of other things. Experts say that the internet is the most powerful media used today, but unlike other media, you'll run your business online and not pay one penny for the rent.

So now we've established the importance of the internet, the question is how does one utilize it for your business success? Well, for that matter what you would like is a reliable and user-friendly website. Your website can do a lot of things. It can handle all of the business transactions. It is your online shop. It’s a network that you can use to communicate with the right audience or even the people within your company. It’s also where the marketing happens. Your website plays a crucial role in your online business success. If you want to seriously take advantage of the internet, then you would like to take your website's construction seriously.

What Concerns Your Web Designs?

There are a lot of things that affect your website design but it all starts within the designing process. If you would like to own a well-designed website then you would like to hire a web design company that has years of experience in this field. Not many know that the designing process isn't just about how beautiful the designs are but at how user friendly it's. Apart from that, your design should also attract web spiders for quick indexing. a search engine optimized web design is strictly what you would like to make a successful online business. If you are looking for web Design Company then visit Web Design Company in Bangalore.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Web Design companies

A highly qualified website design company can make a design based on the kind of business you use. They should be ready to come up with designs that might target the proper audience and not just any audience. a professional web design company would do background research to make a tailored web design that will boost your business profit.

They deliver top quality and enticing web designs

Professionals only deliver top quality designs, which they base on their background research on the company. This is vital for web designing. Some people aren't aware of the importance of background research. They just base their designs on aesthetic features alone. The design should target the right audience nonetheless. You ought to know how to satisfy and entice the proper audience to stay on your website and buy your products or services.

They optimize the design for Fast Indexing

Another great advantage of using a professional website design company is that they optimize your website to make it web-spider-friendly. In other words, your web pages are going to be easily crawled by the web spider for faster indexing. Faster indexing means, faster turnaround for your website. Once you're indexed, your sites will then automatically appear on searches on your niche and related searches. Hence higher traffic for your website.

Mars Web Solution is the best Web Development Company. We are the leaders in building e-commerce portals for the clients at Ecommerce Website Development Company in Bangalore.